Maylor Micropile Installations

Micropile Installation

Maylor is a micropile foundation contractor that is highly trained and educated on all of our foundation or ground modification methods. Micropiles are sometimes combined with other techniques to ensure a solid, compact foundation allowing you peace of mind when building.

Our micropile foundation contractor will determine if your soil will work with an “open hole” drilling method, or if hollow bar injection anchors are needed. These types of micropiles are constructed by injecting the grout into the hollow steel bar during the installation process.

We provide the most cost-effective and technically appropriate solution for your project’s needs. Every micropile foundation project completed by Maylor comes with a Firm Foundation Warranty.

Advantages of Micropiles

  • Great for difficult soil conditions.
  • Supports heavy loads.
  • Mitigates foundation settlement.

Micropile Common Uses

  • Provide structural support
  • Underpin foundations
  • Enhance mass stability
  • Transfer loads

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