Maylor’s Compaction Grouting

Maylor’s compaction grouting method of soil stabilization caps and seals the limestone’s surface, fills voids and pushes into the loose, weak soil, compacting and strengthening it. Grout injection pipes are drilled at various angles with specially designed compact equipment.

After the injection pipes are installed, the grout is injected under high pressure. Structural movement and grout line pressures are monitored throughout the pumping process. Upon completion, all pipes are raised and removed.

The grout compound does not mix with the soil; it pushes into the soil particles, strengthening the loose, weak soil, and filling any voids. However, because of the liquid nature of the grout solution, it can completely fill every void in the bedrock, solidly compacting into joints, fissures, cracks, and other potentially dangerous areas. As the solution totally fills the void and hardens, it seals the limestone surface, creating a firm cap that is impermeable to water.

Advantages of  Compaction Grouting

  • Improves the bearing capacity of weak soils.
  • Irregular fills or varying native soils become more uniform.
  • Minimal disturbance to landscape, floors, roads or nearby structures.
  • Inexpensive and rapid compared to other soil stabilization techniques.
  • Excellent control with the utilization of laser controlled monitoring equipment.

Common Uses of Compaction Grout

  • Reduce liquefaction potential
  • Decrease settlement
  • Increase bearing capacity
  • Stabilize sinkholes or reduce sinkhole potential

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