Emphasis on structural solutions is only one part of a complex system of U.S. infrastructure. Natural resource issues of wetland conservation, power generation, recreational water use and agriculture all have an effect on the goal of sustainable development. Dramatic progress may be possible only by developing entirely new construction materials and methods. Each of Maylor’s service lines contribute to innovative solutions for water collection and distribution systems, water treatment plants, power generation projects, streambed restoration, dams, and water pollution control. Assuring future generations the availability of vital water resources will require an integration of geotechnical engineering, environmental expertise and construction materials testing.


As a transportation owner or operator, you are facing ever-changing industry demands that create unique issues involving safety, circulation, existing operations, environmental concerns and security. As your infrastructure construction partner, Maylor focuses on maintaining continuity of service, keeping disruptions to a minimum and ensuring clear communication and coordination among transit personnel, operations and the traveling public during construction activities. Safety planning, including site-specific traffic control measures, is necessary when working on infrastructure sites with challenging logistics. Maylor Foundation Contractors has a history of exceeding our clients’ goals and expectations. 

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