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At Maylor Foundation Contractors, we use the safest and most accurate soil stabilization methods to densify loose soils. The process and methods used can vary based on the type of soils and additives that are needed. From sandy or gravelly to silts and clays, we ensure the correct additives are used so the best mixture is created for your project.

Soil stabilization is the process of altering the physical properties in soil to improve the load bearing capacity. Soil stabilization companies work with your soil to increase the strength and control the shrink-swell capacity. By stabilizing your soil, you can ensure a safe foundation for your home or business.

Ground Improvement Benefits

Increased Resistance
Reduced Permeability
Less Plasticity
Increases Compaction

Ground Improvement-

Vibro  Solutions

Vibro Compaction

This method involves using a high powered vibrating machine that utilizes water jets to move granular soils with ease and dig into the earth, then moving infill into the holes in various lifts allowing the soil to densify as the machine pulls out of the ground.

Vibro Stone Columns

A great solution to densify or reinforce soil, this method involves rigs built to install stone columns deep into the ground, which then replaces underlying stone.

Ground Improvement- 

Grouting Solutions

Compaction Grouting

This soil stabilization repair method caps and seals the limestone surface, fills voids, and pushes into weak soil, compacting and strengthening it. 



Polyurethane Grouting

Polyurethane grouting is a re-leveling technique in which a unique type of polyurethane mixture is injected into the soil, and expands to fill voids and level slabs or foundations.



Permeation Grouting

This technique consists of pumping a low-viscosity grout into affected granular soils through a predrilled hole and injection pipe to modify the ground with the hardening or materializing of the grout.

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