Commercial Solutions

As a trusted ground improvement contractor and a geotech construction company in Florida, Maylor specializes in using the latest technology to design and construct deep foundation and ground improvement solutions for your commercial property.

Maylor offers proven client-focused business practices, high standards of quality and safety, and a variety of construction services customized for the success of each project. As a trusted ally, we are able to educate our clients on all their ground improvement and deep foundation solutions. There are typically multiple geotechnical solutions, each come with different features and benefits, when looking to find a solution.

Planning is the foundation for quality control in any project. Maylor ensures you get the best value for your project in terms of service, price, schedule and quality of work. And while this planning lays the groundwork – putting this planning into practice through construction management provides you with consistent, measurable results each and every day.

Ground Improvement

Soil stabilization involves altering the physical properties in soil to improve load bearing capacity. We work with the specific needs of your soil to ensure a safe foundation for your commercial project. Maylor’s soil stabilization solutions include vibro compaction, vibro replacement, compaction grouting, polyurethane grout, and permeation grouting.

Foundation Repair

Our foundation repair options can increase the value of your property and restore it’s foundation to its former integrity. Foundations can experience settlement from underlying soils or lateral movements from adjacent excavations, requiring various foundation repair approaches to stop or correct the movement.

Deep Foundation

Deep foundation construction allows structural elements to reach underlying soils or rock, while bypassing loose or weak soils, and provide better structural support. Our expertly trained team of ground improvement contractors use the proper materials and methods to reinforce your foundation. Maylor’s deep foundation solutions include drilled shafts, push piers, helical piles, and displacement mircopiles.

Earth Retention and Shoring

Earth retention and shoring involves retaining soil subjected to either a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation and when required, supporting existing adjacent structures. Helicon’s earth retention and shoring solutions include soil nailing and tie back systems.

Design Build

We offer pre-construction services that make the process easier for our clients, save time and money, and ensure project goals are met. During the preconstruction phase, Helicon provides proven leadership to assist our clients in successfully planning their projects to reach the goals of their facilities. Collaboration of the team ensures an understanding of the client’s goals and provides the foundation necessary to reach these goals.

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